Ron "Pistol" Babcock

If you have any favourite moments spent with
Pistol that you would like to share
Please email them to me

Pistol was a unique person that brought smiles to the faces of many. I'm sure that he is not in hell since they would have already kicked him out for the constant bitching about the heat, the high cost of drinks and the slow service.

I first met Pistol when I became manager of Kwest. He would stop by in the afternoons for a drink and to get some gossip from Billy Buckets. After I got to know him a little I figured that I could tease him a bit. One day when he was sitting at the bar at Kwest I told him that he drinks so much that he was in the bars more then Bob. He gave me that half drunk, puzzled expression and slurred …I mean said "Who the f*ck is Bob"? I turned and pointed to the three foot nude statue that has been standing in the back of the bar ever since I could remember. He turned and looked, slowly focused, then belted out his famous laugh and with his quick wit said "Well Bob won't be staying here tonight because he's going home for a roll in the hay with me".

That's how Bob, the statue, got its name. After that, every time I wanted to promote something about the bar I would just use the Pistol & Enema message board. I would log onto the message board as Bob, with the rock hard ass, and let the advertising magic happen. It was the only way that I could get anything about the bar on P&E since Pistol could never remember what I told him after he had a few drinks. And we all know that he could never understand his own handwriting from his notebook either ...that's if he didn't loose it. Let me wrap this up quickly …Later, I hired Pistol to tend bar a few shifts a week…. He introduced me to two English guys named Duchess and Lulu… I quickly learned all about "Sunday School".

Paul - Not Bob

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Our dear, dear friend Pistol has passed on to the Big bar in the sky.
She wants a party...well, we will give her one she will never forget.

Hildegard, the long lost one with the red hats.

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Everytime I see Blueberry Coffee, I fondly remember Ron. I would occassionally send him a bag when it was in season. He would always comment on how great it was to have in the mornings. Whenever I buy coffee, I think of him; but, I would not make the mistake of sending him the Pumpkin Spice again:). He had his favorites, and that was that.

Ron was never one to mince words. Although abit crass a times, he truly had a wonderful heart, which was given to his cherished friends, family, and cat. I loved hearing about the cat who would wait for him to finish his imbibing, and actually go to the bars to see him home. I hope the kitty gets a loving home, because I'm sure it misses Ron , since he spoiled it rotten. His cat stories were hysterical.

Ron had a huge heart for those less fortunate, and was willing to give his time without second thought. He was also a staunch supporter for "the little guy", and would try to delve out any information that went against propriety. We all remember how he went up against Aids Help, in trying to find out how the hard earned donations were spent. That was only one of many causes Ron went to bat for. If you had a problem, Ron would try and help any way possible, and would bring it to attention.

His quick wit and sarcastic tongue endeared him to me. If you were ever at the receiving end, you could get a bit miffed, but it was soon over. His emails through the years were always entertaining, and the sometimes garbled ones(written after his excursions out) only made me laugh. When I finally got the pleasure to meet him, I was awed. Of course, it could have been the near water colored vodka and cranberry juice I was served(more vodka than anything, or else they used white cranberry juice). He entertained me with stories, and spoke so lovingly about his son. His joy, love, and pride for him shone with every spoken word.

I truly miss the hilarity we all shared on the old message board. I don't think anyone can ever forget the wristwatch episode. Ron had a huge sense of humor, and if you didn't get it, well, you've missed out. His column was a daily routine, if nothing else but to start the day with a laugh. And if you pissed him off the day before, you could count on being mentioned in a none too favorable light. Ron would tell the world as he saw it, if you didn't see it his way, well, too bad:) I love him for it.

Ron, I will surely miss you, and wish I could have been around to help you.


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Jamie and I are so sorry to hear about Pistol.  We didn't know he was having any problems until the last week or so and then began reading what little information we could glean about his condition.

This is indeed a sad day for Key West and we are heartbroken to learn of his passing.


Mike & Jamie
Atlanta GA

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Was deeply saddened by the loss of Ron. My days spent in Key West always started at the arrival of Ron at the Garden Bar. I would catch up with him on all the latest gossip, and I to would tell him my previous nights follies. Being from New Jersey and only an occasional visitor, Ron would always make me feel at home, and like family There is a dark cloud over Key West today... Ron's antics and comedic way brought many sun filled days to the Island. He will be greatly missed. My sympathy to you all. 

Artie from New Jersey, Friend of Ron and JT.

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We are so sad to hear the news, Ron was so kind to us when we lived in Key West. Andrew and I lived in Key West for eleven years, and spent a lot of time with Ron. I enjoyed making fun posters and flyers of him, when he moved from bar to bar [bar-tending that is] and Sordid lives will never be the same to watch without him, but we do watch it, we will always think of him.
Originally from England, we now live in Spain. Hopefully some people will remember us. We assure you we are thinking of you all today, and of Rons family.
So sad.

Andrew and David.

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It was with real sadness that we woke this morning to the news that Ron "Pistol" had passed away yesterday. We are told that he went peacefully.

We first met Ron quite a few years ago when we became avid readers of P&E. Back then the Bitching Post message board was in full swing and thanks to Ron and his website we met many new friends in Key West and others online. He asked us to contribute with "Across The Pond", it was good working with Ron on this but sadly the message board was taken down when the personal abuse got out of hand.

The first time we met Ron socially, he presented us with a jar of "Dilly Beans" not knowing what to do with them we still have them and l am sure that every time l open the store cupboard the "Dilly Beans will stare out at us and remind us of "Pistol".

Ron always made us very welcome on our visits to Key West and despite his panchance for bitchiness he was always the perfect American host to us visiting Brit's as l am sure he was to the numerous visitors to Key West who sought him out. The phenomenal success of his website "Pistol and Enema" made him a celebrity to readers from around the globe.

Despite all his ups and downs over the years he wrote his Gossip Column almost daily and if you have ever tried it, you will know just how hard that is to do day in and day out. As l am sure "Pistol" would be the first to agree , not always making a lot of sense, but perhaps it was down to "being over served" at the bar so not really his fault. LOL

One memory of Ron that sticks in our mind is that of the very first "Key West Cocks" competition, when Neil asked Ron, Clive and I to be the Judges, we felt honoured to be asked. It was also Ron's Birthday which made it even more fun. Only one of the evenings spent in Ron's company, always enjoyable but not always remembered.

Not really sure of how Ron got christened "Pistol" but one thing is for certain while there has been a number of "Enemas" there will only ever be one "Pistol" he was unique and another one of Key West's characters that will be missed.

David & Clive

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If you have any favourite moments spent with Pistol that you would like to share
Please email them to me