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The Party is over for another year, it's time to call it a day, pack up the drag and head back "Across The Pond" to the cold and wet. Yes we heard yesterday that there has been very heavy flooding in some areas of the UK. So we are not the only ones that have been drenched a few times over the last few days.

We kicked off our week with the headdress ball, great event but very disappointed that the contestants did not get to see the show, which we hear from friends that did, was one of the best ever.


Wednesday was Wet Bouffant Party at Oasis. Had to be the wettest ever. Have never seen so much straggly big wigs and running make up. The food was wonderful, Patty Cakes did his best not to rain down the drinks, never seen so many people squashed under a canopy at one time.

Richard and Gary faired better the following night at the Equator Toga Party, although temporary cover was provided it proved pretty redundant, only a couple of showers, not a bad thing at a toga party, a bit like a wet tee shirt party only longer.


The party moved down the street to Bourbon where the festivities continued. Once again Dean and Ken did not disappoint the crowd with different outfits each night of the week. House guests Mark and Ken, yes another Ken did their best to keep up with all the costume changes. Have got to say Mark outdid them all the night he appeared in Drag. It took a moment to realise who it was, he was a natural. Guess he will be playing the church organ back home in his latest creation.


The Masquerade Parade on Friday night gets bigger and better each year, more and more dress up each year. Soon there will be no one left on the street to watch. It's always great to catch up with friends for previous years. Doug and his friends were more subdued this year. I still think his Heidi Fleiss was the best. That was way back in the early years, l think it was the first Masquerade Parade we ever saw, small in number but big in Fun.

Having passed Bobby's Monkey Bar, not the same without Pistol to pass rude comments, did not even see Enema, guess he had popped inside for a pee. Just down from Bobby's the fun really started, a straight guy with a big pecker was being blown on the street by two women - Only in Key West.

What was it with the traffic that night. Car were trying to get along Simonton and Olivia during the parade, this has never happened before and was quite dangerous, wearing a big head you cannot always see what is to the side and back of you. That being said, the Police were very low key and let the crowd get on with their activities.

The Parade night came. It does take forever for the Floats to get to Bourbon Street, it was hot and humid waiting but very entertaining, "Dicks for Beads" not as many as normal despite the amount of bead flying though the air. Great to spend some time with Paul (Flaming Maggie) and Randy catching up on old times. Paul says it is three years since he closed Maggie's still miss that shop, but guess he did the right thing at the right time.

Walking home the street was fun, so we decide to ditch the drag and head back out, just got down Lower Duval and the heavens opened once again. By the time we got back to Bourbon we were like two drowned rats. And that was it - wet and happy but at least the it did not "Rain on the Parade"